Sunday, 14 December 2014

Best Christmas Present Ever

Making Sure They get it right
 So.  (I say zo quite a lot now as everyone here does).  I now think we will stay here for ever.  Mama did yet another extension - this time to the camper van.  Most of the campsite helped Daddy to put it up whilst I ran around hammering pegs into the side of the tent.  It took them so long to do it we are now semi permanent.  The people here are so nice to me.  There is Party Man and Hat man and Cat lady and Apple lady and Chocolate lady and bread man and they all give me things.  Mama has given up trying to hide them from me. Mama couldn't wait for it to rain.  And it is raining now.  And thundering.  And lightening.  And she is sitting in it.  By herself.  I do love it though.  I can play with all my toys and I am warm and cosy.

Climbing the walls
 Mama and Daddy went up to the Albir light house yesterday.  It was all up hill and Daddy didn't go very fast and even so we lost Mama on the way up.
Showing Daddy the inside of the lighthouse
But we were very high up and it was very beautiful.  We could see all the paper white yachts below.

View from the Bridge
 When we came back we found a restaurant that Mama was finally happy with.  She is choosy.  She said it was basic but good honest Spanish food whatever that means.  I like everywhere. 
 Anyway it stopped her moaning.
This morning I saw a red squirrel with tufty wufty furry wurry ears.  He wouldn't sit still though.

TuftyWufty Furry Wurry
Not only is my Uncle Joe coming but my Nanny and Ganggang Flipflip are coming in the New Year too.
I cannot wait.

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