Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sinterklaas at Altea Cap Blanch

Altea beach
 Finally, the No Funs are staying still.  We are stopping at Cap Blanch in Altea which is right by the sea and full of Dutch people so I can greet them every morning.  I like it.  We are right next to the town so we go out for lumch quite a lot.  I did manage to sleep through my first Chinese meal in a long time but Mama got a take away for me and I ate it on the beach.  One of the best views I've had with a take away for a long time.
Eating Chinese
  We also went to Altea to the top of the town.  I climbed up many steps.
Altea steps
There was a great view from the top.  Mama said it was Benidorm in the distance.
The view

The NF's finally bought me some fancy pants boots.  I wear them without pants because Mama says I don't need nappies anymore.
My boots

I think I do.  She now spends most of her time at the laundry.  I was also invited to a Sintaklaas party.  I was very excited and combed my haair.  There were people all dressed up with black faces and they gave me more sweets in one evening than I have ever eaten in the whole of my life.  It was wicked.  I danced for them and sat on a strange man's knee because he gave me presents.
What is going on?

We sang strange songs and ate crisps and I had a really lovel;y evening.  People kept kissing me and giving me things.

Dancing with strangers for a marshmallow
 Now, everybody on the campsite knows me.  They don't know Mama or daddy but they all say ' Hullo Jozef' and I say 'goeiemorgen'.  They have even put me on their facebook.

Mama has pulled another uncle out the hat and best of all my Uncle Joe is coming to stay for Christmas.  YEAH.  BAMBY!


  1. How lovely to stay in one place for a while - it's great until you get itchy feet which is fine because, when you are free to go where you like and when, you can move on again. I don't think there is anything better you could have for Christmas than Uncle Joe for a prezzy - it's going to be wonderful. And WHAT a place to have a Chinese take-away - that beach and the photos that the NF's take MUST be collected and put in a book - they are lovely. Thank you little Joey for keeping us up to date - we LOVE it! Big, no, HUGE hugs Tatie Suzy et Ton ton David

  2. Ah, your Tatie Suzy, Jr.. What a delightful gal and she says the nicest things. Well, who would have thought that Mama and Dad would find this lovely little tucked-away 'Dutch village'. It's like being back in Berkel en Rodenrijs, with your 'goedemorgens', 'dank je wels' and a Sinterklaas Feestje complete with snoepjes and a Zwarte Piet.

    I really miss you three and I can't wait to see you and play you some Sinterklaas liedjes.

    Tot gauw, Lieve Joe.


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