Saturday, 29 November 2014

France to Spain

So we left my wonderful Taties and headed South.  Mama wanted to revisit Collioure so she made us stay in a dodgey old car park miles out of town and nearly killed us walking along the main road in the dark.  We woke up to smokey mountains and a beautiful drive along a winding coast by the side of a blue blue blue sea.  The air smells of smoke and pine. 

 All of a sudden, Daddy says we are in Espagne and the sun starts to shine.  The No funs find a lovely campsite called El Pins at Mgrat la Mar.  There is no one there but it is right by the sea and full of cats and sunshine.  I actually go in the sea!  I was quite happy to stay here but the NFs move me on again.  They can't sit still.  Mama fidgets constantly.
Camping El Pins
 My feet disappear.
Espagne Per Favor
Daddy drives us through the centre of Barcelona.  I wake up to see a fabulous Gaudi statue.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  Almost as much as I like pinchos.  Oh I do like pinchos.  We stop at a site near Villanova which has a wood yard at the back.  All day long they are chopping wood and trucks are coming and going and it has a heated swimming pool.  I think it is heaven but Mama wants to leave.  What is wrong with her?
My pool
 She takes us to Peniscola because she likes the sound of it.  We find Camping El Eden there.  It's a bit like a busy car park but there is a cafe in the town owned by a lady who gives me chocolate every time we pass. 
My statue Peniscola
We stayed for quite a while in Peniscola. Daddy was very happy because he found his bucket.  He had travelled through Belgium, France and Holland looking for a bucket in every town. 
Daddy's bucket
Peniscola will hold a special place in his heart because he found his bucket there.

What a view
These Spanish like to give me cake and chocolate and squeeze my cheeks and ask for big whoppers.
I like them.  The ladies make noisy kisses like Mama does.
Going for chocolate
Five days later the NFs are off again.  Stop in a place called Olivia at a site called Kikopark.  Not much happening there.  We clear off the next day but we find a dead viper in the road and I pick my first orange from a tree and eat it. 

 Daddy seems to drive forever but we get to Altea late in the afternoon and stop at Cap Blanche camping.  There are lots of Norwegians here as well as some Dutch.  I say good morning in Dutch to everyone. 

Alfaz del pi
Mama tells me that I have an Uncle here.  I  have Aunties and Uncles everywhere.  I hope she takes me to see him.


  1. What an exciting trip, little Joey! I especially like the picture of you with no feet and and you big glasses T-shirt. And that road you are walking down - "Going for Chocolate " the roar LOOKS like it's MADE of chocolate!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yummy! That is a BEAUtiful photo - I shall put it on my hard drive. So pleased about Daddy's bucket and, of course, the lovely little boy inside it to whom Ton-ton David and Tati Suzy send all their love and lots of slobbery kisses. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. All that travelling and moving campsites and countries must be making you dizzy and confused, Junior.Still, it's Mama's answer to a well-balanced childhood. Now, I bet you can now already say "Hello" and Goodbye" in five languages (including Burnleyese).

    Hang in there Junior and a big "Dáág en tot gauw".

    All my love,


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