Sunday, 2 November 2014

Belgium to Holland

Picking sweet chestnuts
 We had a terrible journey around Antwerp.  Daddy says all the lorries in the world come from Belgium.  There were only 2 lanes and the cars were going really fast in one and the lorries were going really slow in the other and we were caught between the two.  But we found a lovely campsite at Hoeven called Molecaten. Mama said she wouldn't be seen dead there during the Summer months but they had a forest and a heated swimming pool and slides and trampolines and all things exciting. 
Me and my bike

Me and my mate the cake maker
 We cycled into the nearest town and bought cake and hot cholcolate and beer.  We had a lovely time and I said hello to everyone.  We stayed 2 days and then set off for Amsterdam.  We stayed a night in AmsterdamBos and it was very rainy but we went a walk through the forest.

Zeeburg Amsterdam

 We left the following day from the Bos and were in Amsterdam very quickly.  Daddy seems to find his way very well.  He takes after me. I told him where to turn left and where to turn right. I liked the Zeeburg campsite in Amsterdam.  It had goats and a beach and some great smelling cigarettes.
My goats
 We walked into the nearest town and so Mama could have a haircut.  There were herons EVERYWHERE.

Spot the Heron
 The following day we went into Amsterdam.  There were lots of ladies in windows who kept knocking and smiling at me.  I liked them a lot.  Mama took me a fantastic Chinese restaurant Hoi Tin in China town and I had my favourite.  Char Sui.  I also ate the best custard bun from their bakery that I had ever tasted.
Hoi Tin
 I loved Amsterdam.  I loved all the statues and the paintings and the women knocking on windows.  Everyone loved my orange coat. 
Dam Square

The zoo   
Dutch Delicacies

My Aunty Jackjack and her daughter came to visit us at the campsite and we all went to the Artis zoo together. I loved the statues.  My favourite Uncle Joe also came to join us and whisked us off to his house near Rotterdam where he stuffed Mama and me and daddy full of the most delicious food I have ever tasted.  I felt so at home there.  I didn't want to leave but the No Funs are making me get back in the van.  We leave for Belgium tomorrow.
Mama's favourite view of GUJ (at the cooker).


  1. Wh wants to go to Belgium when you can be with GUJ?????

  2. It was so much fun having you three over, Junior. You and Dad had never seen my place, so I wanted to make your visit extra special. This could only mean one thing (to an Indian, at least): bloody good nosh.

    So glad we had time to sing and make music (even though you hated my rendition of the Little Richard classic, Lucille, and insisted I stop immediately). Still, a grand time was had by all.

    Come back soon, Ma Man.

    All my love,

  3. Thank you GUJ for the best of times. I loved you dinners but most of all I loved your big hugs.
    JoeJoe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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