Friday, 14 November 2014

Holland to South of France

Spooky McNooky
 They dragged me away from the Maker-of-all-Things Tasty and stuck me on a spooky site in Hasselt which has these giant solar panels and strange men wandering around non of which were daddy.  It all smelt of damp and drippage.
Lake at Houthalen
 There was a really beautiful lake there but Mama kept peering into it like she was looking for bodies.  We left really early in the morning and even Daddy didn't have a shower!
Beutiful Woody Wood La Spineuse
The next day we stopped on the border just before France in a lovely dingly dell in Neuf Chateau.  It was full of rabbits.  And trees.  And rivers.  Mama said she would bring me back here again when it was a bit warmer.  There was a home made playground and Mama and Daddy nearly killed themselves on a zip wire.  Daddy went first and had a very strange expression on his face as he came whizzing out of the trees. They wouldn't let me near it and both complained of back ache the fiollowing day.
We have a couple of nights in lay-bys and aires and head down the east of France through the Ardennes. We stop at a site just outside Lyon which is great but packed out.  We get to go and see statues.  Mama wants to eat tete de veau and I want to throw leaves in the Rhone.  There is a bit of a dispute so Daddy takes me off to throw leaves and Mama eats her dinner.  She spends hours eating my Mama.

Bonjour La France
 Then guess what.  The No-Funs tell me they are taking me to the nougat making hub of the world and I get all excited.  We get to Montelimar.  No sweets.  They make me walk miles in the rain.  Then sleep in a supermarket car park.
My nougat night

The Med
 I was so happy to reach the South and see the sea.  I saw the sea.  And the wind blew and we all ran in circles like sea gulls for ages.  We finally reach Camping Les Peupliers at Colombiers and it is wonderful.  The sun shines, the crickets chirrup, the air smells of pine and woodsmoke and the trees rustle like water running.

L'oppidum enserune
We climb to the top of the Oppidum in the blazing sun and eat cake.  We cycle along the canal du midi and eat cake.  We sit in the port and watch the boats go buy and eat cake.  We see a coypu and eat cake.  We give the coypu some cake.
My aunties come and see me and we eat cake.
Sunday we're off to Spain.
If we'll fit.

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  1. Regarding all that cake eating, Junior, you can only blame France's Marie Antoinette for that.



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