Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Hats New Friends

 I have so many friends here now that I don't want to leave.  Monty is the Norwegian Wood cat who lives next to me.  He is kept on a string but escaped the other morning.  Monty likes me and I like Monty.   I have my friend Tio Xavy who made me a wallet from a milk carton and also Manuel who made me a friendship bracelet especially to fit my wrist.  I also like Orange man who has a gold tooth and tells me I am as big as his 5 year old grand son and snuggles me and gives me oranges.  They live in tents at the back of the campsite and work here.
There is also Bouncy Man who is a very tall and very old Dutch man who is always playing tricks.  Last week he ran off with Tio Xavy's wheely bin when Tio was trying to sweep up the leaves.  There is also Small Car Big Dog who has a Mini and a Great Dane.  I'm not allowed to stroke the Great Dane as Small Man Big Dog says I mustn't.  Yesterday, Bouncy Man saw me trying to stroke the big dog and came running up from behind and leaped on the big dog's back.  The big dog jumped in the air and so did the dog's owner.  Everybody looked really shocked except for Bouncy Man who held on.  Mama fell on the floor laughing and Daddy had to come and carry her off.
Hat Man bought me a hat too.  Just like his. 


  1. I love your hat, little Joey! You look like a Mexican bambino!And tell mummy or daddy (whoever took the photo) that the pebbles are absolutely beautiful ad I'm going to print it out. In fact ALL the photos are beautiful. Big kisses to everyone, especially you. From Tatie Suzy et Ton-ton David xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. How exciting to meet new people and learn new expressions in strange new languages. It certainly beat hopping from town to town without having the chance to experience them. I am so looking forward to seeing you and spending our very first Christmas together.

    All my love, Junior,


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