Friday, 13 February 2015

A day out in Guadalest

Lurking in Guadalest
I was so happy to see Nanny and Ganggang.  And they were happy to see me.  We went to visit a village in the mountains called Guadalest and I liked it there.
A picture taken by Nana where she got all 3 of us in.  Just
  I did a bit of rock climbing and hung about a church quite a bit until Mama said she was bored and made me move.

The Church

The Church.  The Light

Nana found a house with a donkey and a pig and a goat in it.
The goat

And I fell and bumped my knee on the cobbles.  

My sorely knee
 Mama went on a bit about the light and then we drove home.
The light

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  1. Is ya Mama running out of steam then, Junior?

    Lots of love,


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