Friday, 27 March 2015

Not going to Granada

Home is a Car park
 We are going to Granada she said.  Got to get there before we head back to Albir she said.  Waiting for Uncle Lollo and Granddad Geoffers and Grandma Brenda to come she said.  So on the way, we get lost and drive through a town and Mama says she likes it here lets stop the night.
This is my favourite van
 The next day, she says she likes it here lets rent a flat and get Uncle Lollo and Granddad Geoffers and Grandma Brenda to come here.

Don't know if I trust this
 The next day we rent a horse and cart.  And the next day we rent a flat.

A bridge for my aunty Eddy
 I do like it here though.  It is full of little squares and fried fish and flowers.  I stared really hard at a woman eating a bag of crisps and she came over and gave it to me.  This technique also works with cakes I have found.  There is a train here which goes to Malaga.  We had a lovely day there.
What are you looking at?
 This is a church with a big fat hen on it in Malaga.
Big fat hen
 Mama went on and on about the colours of the buildings whilst I jumped on and off a fountain.  When I grow up I think I might be a frog.
 I had a wee in this garden,
Susu Garden
 Oh and the other thing about Fuengirola is that they have the best ice cream shop in the world.

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  1. Will you be going to Granada eventually, Joey? I'm dying to know what you think of it. When you go there you MUST sing "Granada"! Very loudly. Love and hugs French tatie and tonton.


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