Thursday, 26 March 2015

Monkeying about in Gibraltar

The Rock
 The view of Gibraltar driving down was very impressive.  We were off to see my Aunty Zoe and her daughter Darcie.  Mama was very sad because she said the last time that she had been in Gibraltar a very dear friend had been there too.
Being Impressed
 We didn't know where to park when Mama found a car park near the border.  We walked across the runway just as an aeroplane was taking off.  It was very exciting.
Another night in a Car Park
 Aunty Zoe is so nice.  She drove us up to see the monkeys and they were busy scratching on somebody's car.  She then took us back to her house for the best dinner we have had in ages.
Monkey on a Merc
 I played with Darcie and she gave me one of her dolls to take with me and a bed to put it in.  We took a crazy taxi drive to the border and then spent the night in a car park.
My new friend
I had a lovely time.  I have some lovely aunties.

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  1. I envy you, monkeying around in Gibraltar. I've never been there but glad you have. Lucky Joey! Weather looks nice too! Big xxxxx Tatie Suzy & Tonton David


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