Monday, 23 March 2015

Free Camping

Life in a van
 Drive along the fabulous coast road to Mojacar.  Daddy is happy as there are plenty of MOTORCYCLES on the roads.  Mama finds us a spot to hole up for the night but daddy isn't happy with it.  We move sites and Daddy is still not happy because the van is on a slope and Daddy can't bear a slope as he won't be able to sleep.  Mama says she doesn't care as she never sleeps anywhere.  They do go on those two.  It is very windy here so Mama gets out a kite that Nana bought for me and then plays with it all afternoon whilst I build sand castles. 
Oh they do go on
 We wake up to a fantastic sea view and a horse in a playground.  We set off to Roquetas and a great campsite in a very strange place.  It seems to be on waste ground in the middle of no where.  There is a tremendous bar there which for 2 Euros gives you a beer and minature fish and chips.  I thought Mama was going to move in just for the food.
Free Camping
 In the morning it smells like we are on holiday.  It is very misty moisty and we drive to the best campsite yet - Don Cactus in Carchuna  Oh I did like it here.  They had chickens and quail and fountains and terrapins and a tree house.
Oh to live in a house
 They also had a swimming pool with a strange creature coming out of the water.  It wasn't very warm but I insisted on going swimming. 
Look behind you
 They had a great restaurant there with lentil stew and baked hake.  I ate it all up.  I wanted to stay longer but Mama says it's too cold and also the town was a bit strange.  Mama said it felt like there wasn't too much work around.  We passed the biggest pile of rotten cucumbers I have ever seen.
Lentil Stew
 And so we have to leave again.  We need to get to Benalmadena to see my Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping and Mama doesn't know where we are going to stay. 
A flower for Nana


  1. Joey! You are having the most wonderful time - the life of a gypsy is something not to be sneezed at! You'll find that you'll enjoy not knowing what's coming next - it's exciting and fun and, sometimes, a little frightening but... it's NEVER DULL! You're a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents - the best education ever - you won't regret it. All our love to you wonderful vagabonds. Tatie home-chicken and her Cock.

  2. Your A.Suzy does go one about the gypsy life and not knowing what's coming next, Junior. A load of cobblers. What you really need is brilliant nosh, a comfy bed and access to a decent shower and toilet--everyday, like clockwork.

    All my love,


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