Thursday, 4 February 2016

Uncle Lollo in the Smollo brings big box but misses flight

Daddy pushing a Bloody Big Box
 Oh my darling Uncle Lollo is here.  We went to meet him at the airport and he was carrying a small bag and a bloody big box.  He said thebloody big box was for me.  I was very excited so we unwrapped it immediately and inside was a bicycle.  A proper one with brakes and pedals and everything.
 First things first.  We took Uncle Lollo for churros and chocolate.
Showing Uncle Lollo how to eat it
 And then we tried the bicycle out. 
Daddy showing how it is done
Daddy had a good time on it and I could ride it but haven't got the hang of pedalling yet.
Giving it a go
Every morning I get Uncle lollo up.  Nice and early.
Reading the morning papers
And we do things together.
Catching a bus with Uncle Lollo to Mijas
And he teaches me things.  Like how to say 'Flippin Eck'.  And how to do an extra loud burp and shout Boo so loudly that all the people on the promenade jump. 

Looking at picture
 We spend quite a bit of time on the sofa together too.
Snoozing with Lollo
And chatting.
Chatting with Lollo

But my favourite thing of all to do with Uncle Lollo is to go swimming in the sea.  We had such a good time that he missed his flight and is staying another 2 weeks.  I've gone off Cheeses now I have Lollo.

Two penguins


  1. Your Unck Lollo is a barrel of fun Joe, you lucky chap. He is so good keeping you entertained with all those crazy, physical things, and he never seems to get tired or bored. Mama tells me that Saxabjørn, Leven and Riff really enjoyed your Unck Lollo too. I wish I had such a great Unck and pal.

    All my love,

  2. You are SO lucky to have an uncle Lollo and your mama is SO lucky to have and uncle UJ. I never had an uncle because both my parents were only children but, HEY! Your photos are like having TWO uncles, what with UJ and UL - how lucky we all are. Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us, it's such a treat, every time! Keep em coming! Big kiss and good luck with the new bike! xxxxxx


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