Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Favourite days out in Fuengirola. Butterflies and Buddha

On the train again
Uncle Lollo was supposed to be going home and had decided he would like to go to the butterfly house at Benalmadena's Mariposario.  I was very excited because we got to go on the train.
Me and Buddha
On top of the hill above the old town of Benalmadena there is a Buddhist temple with a great big gold dome.
My Cousins
So we all went in and had a good look around.
Mucking About
And then we came out again and mucked about.  There was a great view from the top.
And then we went inside the butterfly house which was hot.
A Butterfly tree
And there were LOADS of butterflies.
Another Butterfly
The best bit was a window full of pupae which looked like drops of gold.
Butterflies hatching

And there was a great big lizard watching us.

I was very happy because I was with my cousins. 
And I think they liked it too.
Feeding the fish
When we came out we went to the old town of Benalmadena Pueblo. And there were great views there too.
Aunty Ragnhild examining Saxa

A view
But best of all I learnt to slide down a pole like a fireman.
Fireman's Pole

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  1. My goodness! Go to Spain if you want a quick passage to the far East! What excitement... and the butterflies! How beautiful. Was this the first time you'd been on a train. Wasn't Mama clever to take a photo with everyone in it! Big kisses little Joe and to Mama and Daddy too. xxxxx


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