Sunday, 14 February 2016

Things for Grandparents to do in Fuengirola

So we took Nanny and Ganggang for a day out in Malaga.Mama and Daddy cleared off shopping and I showed then around the Alcazabar.
Everyone having a good time in Malaga
We went for a nice lunch down a back street.
Menu del dia
I like Malaga.  Nanny and Granddad then looked after me for the day whilst Mama and Daddy climbed a mountain.  It was sunny when they left.
On top of Old Smokey
And then it was Nanny's birthday and Fuengirola put a carnival on.
What is this behind us?
At the carnival there were all these strange creatures which wante dto hold my hand.  So I held their hands for an uncomfortably long time.  I then checked in their pockets and looked under their tails to see if they had a bumbum.  They didn't.
New friends
I dressed up for Nanny's birthday and we threw a party for her.
Nanny's birthday
And then they left.  I thought they might come back but they didn't.
The next day my Lollo left too.  I thought we might persuade him to miss his flight again but he left.  Now I just have Mama and Daddy.  They aren't boring me yet but nearly.

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  1. Lovely! I bet you see far more people living down there than if you were in good old Blighty! Lovely selection of happy photos, as usual. Big xxxxs from Ton ton and Tati xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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