Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Favourite Days out in Fuengirola. Marvellous Malaga

Oh the train
Have I mentioned I like train rides? We all caught the train to Malga.  Uncle Lollo tells me everything that is happening out side of the window.
Me and the boys
We had a lovely time walking through the streets.
Michael Jackson
We met a puppet doing a dance.
The Alcazabar
And then we went into the Alcazabar which was great.
It had walls which we could climb on and which made Mama nervous.
A Keyhole
It had lots of arches and doorways to run through.
It had views from everywhere.
A column
It had a column or two.
Water fountain
It had a water fountain.
Gardens to chase round
and plant pots to trip over
Another Fountain
and more water to play in
A stream
and streams to float leaves down.
Another view

Another garden

More water
It had something for everyone.  Then we went to the botanical garden.
What are you looking at?
And then to the port.
What are you doing up there?
It was a fabulous day.  And I had to be carried home.
Escaped lizard

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  1. Wonderful! What a lucky boy you are! Tell Mama her photos are fan-bloody-tastic! Great donkey and lovely lizard and lovely lovely red bricks. Thank you for a fabulous trip. xxx Tati et Tonton


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