Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cousins and Curries

Goodnight.  Good Morning
My dear friend Kaviya came.  I have known her since I was at playgroup in London.  She held my hand as soon as I saw her at the airport. 
Walking the wall
We played a lot together.  Mainly ringing Dr. Barber up and then playing Goodnight and Goodmorning.
Another picture
I got fed up of being made to pose for photographs.
Food on your face
And I spent some time removing food from Kaviya's face.

A day in Mijas
Kaviya's Mama and Papa really spoiled me and brought me lots of presents. 
Cousins R US
And then my cousins arrived from Norway.  Big Boy, Leven and Baby Riff.  I was very excited to see them.  There was a Medieval festival in the town and they put straw in the streets.  We had a lovely time playing in it.
Saxa the bullfighter
There were lots of old fashioned rides which Mama deemed acceptable for me to go on.
I have never been happier than when I was sitting between Kaviya and all my cousins on the big wheel.

Then Aunty Manju made a big curry and lots of delicious rice and everyone came for lunch.
There were eleven of us for lunch and Uncle Kenneth and Aunty Ragnhild brought a big cake and we ate it all up.

Party Time
Christmas lasts forever here because it was one party after another.  We had the procession for the Three Kings on the 5th of December.  There were all kinds of things in the parade but we were mainly concerned with catching sweets which were hurled at us from the floats. 
On Bins
I discovered that shouting Hola got us lots of sweets.  If they hit you on the head though they hurt. We got hundreds.
We have had lots of days of sunshine.  We have even been in the sea.  It's like being on holiday.


And I think Riff likes me because he lets me hold his hand.

And Leven holds my hands too and yesterday even Big Boy held my hand.  I really like them being here holding my hand.


  1. Nothing like people to bring love and joy into your life, Joe.And you can't beat Family and good friends, as you keep experiencing thanks to Mum's ingenuity and social skills.

    All my love,

  2. It must be lovely, little Joey, to have all those little people with you instead of being surrounded by great big adults! Yuk! I'm sure that when you eventually get back to Blighty all the new friends you'll make will replace those lovely blue skies you've become accustomed to. Tell mama and daddy that they are royalty! Lots of love, little friend and soak up some more sun - it's free! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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