Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas 2015 Fuengirola

Cakey cake cake cake
After complaining like mad about Spanish cakes, Mama has identified the best cake shop in Spain and the best cake to buy from it. Le Granier is the chain and rasberry cheesecake is the name.   We seem to pass by there often even when we are meant to be going the other way.
Spanish Santa Claus
There are lots of Christmasy things going on including a berber tent in the central square with a man in it who had a chat with me about the weather in England.
Wooden Cheetah
Last year I spent Christmas with the Dutch and Sinta Klaus and now there seems to be a whole other thing going on.
Off to see GUJY.  Train to Malaga
The best bit of Christmas was Great Uncle Joe coming.  I love going to meet him.  He hugs me hard with his cheek and says 'Hey Guys'.  I say 'Hey Guys' all the time now.
Off with his case.
 He always lets me carry his case.
We had a lovely Christmas.  Gujy brought be some Beasty Trucks which I chased around the room for a few hours.

Beasty Trucks with chunky tyres
I took Uncle Joe to lots of churches.  
Out and About

 They have this miniature thing going on with the nativity scene.  Each church seems to have a bigger one than the last one.  They have fountains and windmills and gardens and this one even had fishes in it.

 But I'm not interested in any of this.  I just want to look for Cheeses.  I'm not that bothered about baby Cheeses either.  I want grown up Cheeses.  On the cross.  With blood on him.
Jumping for Joy
 Mama bought me a Buddha. I dropped him and his hand came off so she put some red crayon on it and told me it is blood.  I still prefer Cheeses. 
A sneaky hug
 Gujy has gone now and I miss him but I don't have time to be too sad because I have my lovely cousins coming tomorrow and my favourite friend Kaviya then my Uncle Lollo and my Nanny and Ganggang Flipflip and then my Granddad Geoffers.
I have to go now as Mama wants to go to bed as it's nearly nine O'clock on New Years Eve.  Feliz Ano everyone and hold tight to your kite.

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  1. Lovely Christmas photos and great to see uncle Joe and you together. Wonderful pictures, as usual. Happy new year little friend and hope to see you again in 2016before you grow too much more. Love and hugs to you all. Tati Suzy et Ton ton David


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