Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cabo deTrafalgar, Tarifa and Casares

Mama wanted to stop at Cabo de Trafalgar because it was on the shipping forecast.  My goodness me what a wind. There were thousands of kite surfers. 
A shipwreck
 And not much else apart from lots of dog caca and a shipwreck.
It was all a bit wild.  So we went to Tarifa.  It was wilder there.

More kites
They do like this kite surfing business.  I told Mama that when I get older I am going to grow so tall that I am going to be a Kite Lifter.
She said we could see Africa.  I got very excited as I thought we might be able to see tigers but we couldn't.  Only kite surfers.
 We free camped on the beach and cycled into the old town.  We nearly blew away.  But the next place made up for it.  Casares.  We liked it there.
Oi what are you peeping at?
 Mama spent a very lot of time looking for big birds.  She finally got a photo of one.
Griffon Vulture
 We drove along this long bumpy windy road up a mountain and parked near the top next to the tourist information so Mama could steal their wifi.
View from our mountain
It was very beautiful.  We could see the sea.
The sea
I climbed a whole mountain by myself and we nearly got eaten by some big dogs but Daddy saved our lives with Mama's umbrella.
Mama's photo of the birds
 We had the most delicious meal in a restaurant there.
 Baby goat roasted with garlic.
 I liked it a lot.  But we had a terrible night's sleep because the wind blew the van so hard Mama thought it was going to blow Nona over.
Looking for something
We didn't but it didn't stop her worrying. Mama wanted to live here forever but I'd run out of underpants and the promise of a nice big appartment with bath and uncles aunties nanas granddads friends and cousins was waiting so we clambered back down the mountain and onto Fuengirola.
I now have clean pants.

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  1. Oh, Joey, if only you could hear me laughing - you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! I think mama's picture of that big bird is terrific - what a thrill and what an achievement! Beautiful places and so wonderful to share them - and well done daddy with the umbrella - what a business THAT must have been! Thank you!! More more more!


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