Monday, 7 December 2015

Leaving El Rocio. Super Sanlucar de Barrameda. Finding Jesus.

So.  We had a sandy old week in El Rocio.  Whenever I got bored I just bent down and dug in the road.
There was a beautiful lake which they said was marshland with lots of birds on and when they took off they filled the sky with an amazing whirring.
I took my bike everywhere.  It was quite difficult going.  But at the weekend the horses all came out.
I had lots of goes.  On different horses.
El Rocio is where I first met the Cheeses Fellow.  I noticed him because he is in every church we went in and he has blood on him.
I asked Mama to tell me the story and then when I got back to the van I started to draw pictures of him. 
Mama says he's called Jesus.  We also met some really nice people who were our neighbours Uncle Geoff and Aunty Carole.  They spoke like my Granddad Geoffers and they had a dog callled Milly.  I thought they wer hilarious. Every morning I would get up and talk to them.  Uncle Geoff was trying to grow a chocolate biscuit tree.  I told him they didn't grow on trees.
I was sad to leave them but Mama said we had to go so we went to Sanlucar de Barrameda and parked in a car park.  It was a bit warmer at night there.
We were right by the riverand the beach and the town.  We could hear the boats chugging out to sea in the early morning.
And I went looking for the Cheeses fellow.
There were castles
and palaces
and churches.  The Cheeses fellow was all over the place.

There were lots of sunsets.
Mama and daddy discovered some really good tapas bars.
Mama took to drinking sherry and eating meaty treats.
We also found a shop which sold nothing but goes on small racing cars.  Mama said it was called ScaleElectric.  Daddy said what! Mama said ScaleElectric.  Daddy said Scalextric.  She went on a bit about it until she googled it.
So I  went looking for the Cheese Fellow.
Oh.  And I chased some pigeons.


  1. Interesting that you mention this Jesus chap, your Grandpappy spent a large part of his life preaching about him. I'm sure he would have been chuffed that you were enquiring about his hero. It's amazing the things Mama and Daddy have introduced you to, and things you have seen and experienced.

    And I know you are absorbing it all, and all that knowledge will manifest itself in a well-rounded young man you will develop into.

    Keep up the good work.

    All my love to you, and to your Mama and Daddy.

  2. What a lovely blog this week (not that they aren't all lovely!) but, especially at this time when everyone is so understandably miserable it is so refreshing to see so much beauty and LIGHT! I LOVE these photos and I love the stark beauty of these places - you are a very lucky little boy to be surrounded by so much love and fun and enthusiasm - the best launching pad for the flight through life - ever! Give your mama and daddy the biggest hugs you can - they are very special. We love you little Joey, look after yourselves - from you French Tatie and ton ton.


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