Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Climb Every Mountain

How green is my valley
I don't know how we came to be here but Mama and Daddy found this wiggly green road from Alcoy and followed it to an ACSI campsite in Vall de Laguar.  The road was very wiggly but the view was amazing and we could see the sea. 
Me up a mountain

My mountain
On the second day they enticed me up a mountain.  It did not look so high from the top but it did from the bottom.  On the way up we passed a house in the middle of nowhere selling English marmalade.  I don't think we are that much in the middle of nowhere.  The next day we walked to the next village Benimaurell where we found a fantastic restaurant.  We had stuffed mushrooms and garlic mayonnaise and then pigs cheeks and bull with fruit and wild mushrooms.  It was all delicious and I ate everything.
Partially eaten pigs cheek

A load of bull
We liked the restaurant Bar Restaurante Jalisco so much we came back twice.  The puddings weren't much to write home about though but for 10 Euros who can complain.  (I know.  Uncle Joe.)

A little rest
We had to have a little lie down on the way home.  Oh, it's a bit misty moisty weather up here by the way.  So the very next day the No Funs decided to walk me down a very deep canyon with 6000 steps.  It was very steep.
In to the bowels of the earth

Bottomless Pit

Do we have to come back up?

Peeping out from a cave

It's a bit difficult to see from the photos but it really was a very long way down.  The place is riddled with tracks of wild boar.  I have become very interested in tracking.  Mama calls it obsessed.  I get a stick and poke any poo and point out all the wild boar signs.  I became so interested that Mama looked them up for me on wiki.  She said that a 2012 study compiling wild boar attacks on humans found that there were accounts of 665 human victims since 1885.  The attacks mainly occur between November and January and mainly in the thigh.  Perfect she said.  She had been playing me recordings of wild boar as we walked along through the misty moisty forest and reading me this when all of a sudden there was a rustle behind her and she jumped out of her skin.  I wasn't afraid but Daddy said maybe we ought to leave the rest of the research until we got back to the van.
Here I am spotting tracks
 It has rained now for 3 days.  The nearest village is 10 minutes away.  Beautiful Campell.
 Today we could see the sun trying to come out over the sea so we are going to try and find it tomorrow.  We will miss this place though.  It is truly moorish boarish.

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  1. How beautiful but quite exhausting! Fancy climbing down all those stairs! And DID you have to come up them too? Love mama's photos of course, as usual. I love pigs cheeks too. Thanks for sharing your adventures but do be careful of the wild boar - they can be awfully mean. Lots of love to you all from Tatie and TonTon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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