Monday, 14 November 2016

Terrific Tarragona, El Masroig, Valderrobres and Morella

View from our Van
So Mama said she wanted to see the sea.  So daddy drove us to Tarragona.  We found a car park near the beach and parked up for the night.  We thought it was beautiful.  We walked into town and found the most wonderful Modern Art Museum.  They had a a great children's section and I really liked this one which was made from all different types of bottle tops.  Mama said we could make the same but I don't think it would look as good with all red Estrella caps.
Modern Art
We really liked this one.  A black Madonna.  I thought Daddy might break into song.
Daddy's black Madonna
I chose this as my favourite.
My favourite
And Mama chose this other one.  She said that she surprised herself.
Mama's favourite.
There was a Miro in there and Mama said she really liked Miro.  I liked him too when I found out his daughter was hit by train.  Mama said that as I was so interested, I could write a thesis on artists and their familial disasters with transportation.
Big fancy cathedral
We got to see a wonderful sunset on the way back to van
View of the town
and a great view of the port and the cranes and the tankers.  Daddy said he thought it was special because you couldn't get to the beach and that kept it a proper working town.  Mama said how ridiculous and why didn't they put a foot bridge over the railway line and some lovely fish restaurants on the beach.
A bridge
Then we drove to El Masroig where we bought some wine and spent the night and then onto Valderrobres which we all thought was very special.  High in the middle of nowhere with a river and a castle and winding hilltop town.
It was like a film set which no one had noticed.
The placa

A bike
Some of the town had been done up but some of it hadn't been touched for years.
The castillo

Old bits like my parents
And there were cats.  Loads of them.  They liked me.  I tried to smuggle one back.
Cats cats big as bleeding rats
Then onto Morella which was very spectacular with aqueducts and castles.  



Castle gates

Another castle

Look behind you

Someone to wrestle

King of the

Not another view

An arrow hole

View from our van
And now we are back at the sea.  Peniscola.  Why's it called that?

The playa
And I am back to doing the laundry in my hat.
Madre Mia

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  1. I love your mama's photos - isn't she clever? I feel as if I've been on a holiday, in fact, every time I read your blog it's as if I was there with you. Who was the seated man you were trying to suffocate? He looked very comfortable. I especially love the bottle top picture - I think I might try one with Champagne corks! Thank you for sharing such a lovely time - miss you and love you to bits. Tati and TonTonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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