Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Best Bits of Barcelona

Sant Joan de les Abadesses
We left Esponella and drove up to Olot.  Mama had promised me volcanoes and I expected to climb inside one and see molten rock.  But no.  Mama hadn't done enough research and couldn't find the volcano museum so we drove on to an amazing town called Sant Joan de les Abadesses where we stayed the night in an aire.
Lovely Old town

It was very misty and steamy and full of volcanoes and my parents the No Funs made me walk all the way to the top of one saying well you wanted to see one.  I did. But I wanted to see the molten rock.  There was no molten rock.  But there was a big storm with hail stones and everything.  We got all cosy in Nona and lit a candle and daddy had done a good job of fixing the leak because no matter how many times Mama checked it, it still didn't leak.
Climbing Volcanoes

Then we drove onto Barcelona and followed this twisty road past Sitges to our campsite at Villanova i la Geltru.  And the sun came out.  It was amazing.  Almost like we were on holiday.
We went from this........

To this in the space of an hour.

The no funs took me to Barcelona yesterday because Mama goes on and on about Gaudi.  She says it's one of her favourite cities.  I loved the bus journey there and got all excited about being in a city but soon got bored of Gaudi.  The best bit was finding out that he got hit by a tram.  
Another pose
 Apart from that my favourite part of the day was catching pigeons in Placa de Catalunya.  I spent a good half an hour chasing them and then I got one by it's tail.  I was so happy but it flew off and left me with a feather.  I kept at it and caught two others.  I had them dangling by the wings and Mama had to finally come over and show me how to hold them properly.  By then I had gathered quite a fan club.  Mama said good job we weren't in England or we would have been thrown into jail.
Catching Pigeons

Then we took the bus back.  I liked that.  And we went swimming today in a glorious pool full of spouts and squirts and Jacuzzis and it was really warm and empty. 
Jacuzzi Joe

I like it here but Mama says she feels like she is in a big secure car park with a good restaurant and rubbish WIFI and can't wait to leave.

So we're off again tomorrow.

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