Saturday, 5 November 2016

Especial Esponella

We have spent a sunny week at Camping Esponella and we love it here.  They have a heated pool and every day I have been to practise my diving.  It was really busy at the weekend but we had the pool all to ourselves the rest of the week.
Here I am
I also got dragged on a walk every day as there were lots of tracks to follow through the woods and along the banks of the River Fluvia.
River Fluvia
I am sure that Mama's main reason for coming back here was the restaurant in the village.  We had a fabulous dish of pork ribs with chestnuts.  It is called Can Roca and it has female chefs and has passed from Grandmother to daughter for generations.
Cana Roca
I had asparagus and mountain jamon.  Both of which I like because I don't get nagged to use a knife and fork.
Behind the village you get a great view of the pair of knees.  And there are lots of woods
Can't see the wood
And then back to the pool.
Belly diving
There is also a lovely bakery in the village that does rubbish bread but great coffee.
Forn da Pa
Anyway when we walking back yesterday we saw a snake.
Mama said it wasn't poisonous but I noticed her taking the photos from a good distance a way.
It soon wiggled off.
Oh. Did I mention that the campsite also has a crazy golf with a big plastic rabbit in the middle of it.
Mama thinks she is very funny

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  1. Plastic rabbit? It looks like daddy to me! Lovely adventures and SO very exciting about your diving, Joe. One day you'll be able to have a diving bottle on your back and discover the fun of being below the water with all the life that goes on there. You are such a clever boy - so proud of you. Lots of love to you and mama and daddy from tonton David and Tati Suzy


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