Thursday, 8 December 2016

You cannot stay on the summit forever......Denia, Moraira and Albir

And so we left our mountain and came down to the sea.  At Denia. Daddy found a fabulous parking spot right by the sea.  We had a palm tree over the van which rustled when we lay in bed.

Our spot
Denia was a lovely town. With its ceramic blue Moorish dome and it's palms.
The Church
And guess what?  It had a castle.  As you can see, we went to visit the castle and nobody looked at it.
Me taking pictures of Mama taking pictures and Daddy looking at a map

In the morning the sun came out and we had a beautiful view of the Montgo mountain and the sea.  I wished we could have stayed longer but there were plenty of No Campervan signs and we didn't want to outstay our welcome.            
Our View
And so we drove on to Javea.  It was difficult for us to get inpto the centre of the town so we moved on to Moraira and we were so glad we did. What a lovely place.  Our parking spot was not too pretty but right in the middle of the town and close to the beach. 

View of Calpe
We could see the back of Calpe from the shore and it was warm and beautiful.  The next day the No Funs made me climb to a tower on top of a moutain.  There.  Can you see that speck in the photo?  It was miles away.

The Tower
It ws hot and steep but there was an incredible view.
When we came down I was so hot I took my clothes off and got in the sea.  Lovely and clear and cold.

The sea; the snotgreen sea

And Mama was very pleased with her photograph of a yacht and a cormorant.
And there were some splendid sculptures and seascapes and sunsets.
And now we are back in Albir.  Our third visit in 3 years.  I am so pleased to see all my old friends.

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  1. I love the cormorant, not to mention the beautiful panorama and the twinkling light on the sea - magic places. Tell Mama and Daddy that they are doing everything right and repeat to Mama that her photos are just stupendous! We want to see some more of yours Joey! Lots of love and big hugs to all, Tatie and TonTon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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