Thursday, 15 December 2016

You never outgrow your Nana

Hanging Out
So we finally found a flat to rent in Bendiworm.  It was a little bit difficult because we needed to park Nona close by and we wanted to be near our cousins and Uncle Joe when he comes to visit.  After some time we found a place. And then I got to go to the beach.
La Playa
 The best thing about going to Benidorm is the bus journey.  I like buses a lot.  And trains. And trams and taxis and ferries.  Most things really except aeroplanes.
On the buses.
We had a lovely evening going on a bus to Altea.  We climbed right to the top to the Mosque - sorry church to see the sun go down.
 And there was a magnificent view at the top.

And we trotted back along the beach and a big moon came up to follow us home.
Super Duper Moon                    
And Mama said that if people didn't know us it would look like we were living the dream.
People keep asking me what I have asked Santa for.  Who's Santa?  Mama explained last night and so now when people ask what I have asked for I say some chocolate. Some milk chocolate with nuts in.  Hurry up Nanny.

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