Monday, 2 November 2015

Not blowing its own trumpet. Obidos.

 Portugal seems to keep quiet about its treasures.  Or could be that Mama didn't buy any travel guides for Portugal so is surprised at every turn.  Anyway, we came across Nazare which had a giant wave a few years ago and is in the know with cool and trendy surfers but not with middle aged Mamas.
Looking for the wave
 Anyhow, it was a lovely town with big seas and light and skies.  Mama bought a fishermans hat and all the old ladies were wandering about in the same skirts.  Unfortunately there were no campervan sighs all over the town and although the French were ignoring these signs, Daddy din't want to get into trouble so we moved on.

Still looking for the wave
And we were glad we did.  Because we found Obidos.  An amazing place with an aire for camper vans with a 16th century aqueduct running through.
Our night stop over
The town was fabulous.  Cobbles and castles and cake shops.
 I rode my bike all the way round it.  Portugal may not have many road signs but it seems to have free public wifi in many places so Mama was happy.
Glazered Tiles
I found a cat asleep on some tea towels.

And I got to ride my bike around town whilst Mama took a million pictures.  So we were all happy.

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  1. I'm so glad your mama does take millions of pictures - they are wonderful. what a lovely empty place you have found - big skies - that's the Atlantic for you. Lucky things! Wonderful colours and a great photo of you at the end - an action man photo! Lots of love to mama and daddy and you, darling little Joe, from your Tatie Suzy and your Ton ton David xxxxxx


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