Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What is Portugal Like? (Mama's thoughts and outrageous generalisations on Portugal)

Where are all the children?  In Spain the playgrounds are full of children in the evening or at lunchtimes.  Or they are out shouting their heads off and roaming the streets at midnight.  In Portugal, not a muff.  Many young people emigrated for work.

Roads are falling apart and many new motorways don't join up with any others.  Signposting is frequently missing or pointing in the other direction.  The toll system is varied and complicated.

People don't smile.  They are really friendly but don't believe in outbursts of emotion. 

Seems to have a fabulous climate.  Rain but not all day.  Hot,clear and sunny with wonderful light.

Puxar on a door means pull.

The language although reasonably simple to read is terribly difficult to understand when spoken.

The coffee is the best and the cheapest in Europe. (Bold statement Mama).

Rice is served with potatoes and the servings in restaurants are huge and cheap.  Lovely fish.

Food in shops is about the same price as in Spain but it is cheaper in cafes and fuel more expensive in Portugal.

The bread and pastries are fabulous.  They use butter.

They serve thick slices of toast buttered on both sides.

Strong communist presence.

Feels more like Goa than Europe.

Some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe.  Very green.  Nobody about.  Development is tiny in comparison to Spain and very low rise.

Fabulous beaches with no one about.

Some villages have people still wearing costumes.  People collecting water with a mule and a cart in Europe in 2015.

Lots of wifi.  Much of it free.

Beautiful wool products.

Apart from Lisboa and Porto even the major towns are really quite provincial.

We love Portugal.

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  1. Actually, it sounds like a dream! Mind you, you haven't been there in the height of Summer, perhaps it all changes then (for the worse?) They sound like people who live in a cul de sac; not very open or used to people passing through on their way to anywhere - next stop the USA! BEAUTIFUL photos comme d'habitude. Love by the ton to you all.


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