Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The next most beautiful beach in the world and a lighthouse

We found another beautiful place to free camp at Praia Cordonoama.  It was full of surfers when we turned up but by sunset, they had all left.  It was a beautiful place.  And hot.  I took my clothes off and leapt.

 We also climbed a mountain.  We nearly killed ourselves on the way down because it was very steep.  At night it was so very dark.  We could not see our noses but the sky was filled with lots and lots and lots of stars.  Some of them falling.
The next day we drove to the light house at Cabo de San Vicente.

And I kissed Daddy on the nose.

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  1. These photos say it all - oh, Joey, you are a very lucky boy. All this SEA and SKY and AIR is all yours, and mama's and daddy's, forever. Freedom is a wonderful thing indeed. Hugging you all to tiny little bits xxxxxxxxxx Tatie and Ton ton.


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