Thursday, 5 November 2015

Solar Panels and Sunny Days

Monte Clerigo
Monte Clerigo on the western coast of the Algarve.  This is what campervanning is about said Mama.  But we are parked on a slope said Daddy.   
 I took my clothes off after a whole day of rain and ran to the sea.
 It was a bit chilly.
When the sun set we were the only people left on the beach.
And we slept with the window wide open so Mama could hear the sea.  We got up at 5 the next morning and walked on the beach.  It was a bit dark.  We had a solar panel fitted in Aljezur at FF Solar so that we can go completely wild.  Wonder what that stands for said Mama.  It was very exciting.  A big blue thing on Nona's roof. Daddy and Mama spend a lot of time getting excited about the battery charging.  I am waiting for her to go Neenaw.
Going Wild
We like Portugal. 

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  1. I so envy your mama and daddy going to sleep with the sound of the sea - a wonderful thing of beauty - especially when you are on dry land and don't have to get up to bring up the anchor at 4 in the bloody morning because the wind's picking up! Don't ever be a sailor, Joey - it will haunt you until the end of your days! Love and goodnight kisses to you all Tati and Ton ton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS STUNNING pics, absolutely stunning!


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