Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Two great things for a three year old in Portugal and Coimbra in the rain isn't one of them

Coimbra- view from the happy bus
We drove to Coimbra and parked up in another car park.   It was raining really had but the NFs dragged me out again in the rain.  We walked across a long long bridge and into the town.
Even the boats had their lights on
I had to walk up hill in my welly bob bobs.
The old town
I have seen so many old towns now and cathedrals and cobbles that they all look the same so Coimbra washed over me like the rain.  B ut the next day we went to the zoo at Miranda do Corvo.  It was supposed to be a do good zoo but it was still animals in cages.   But I still loved it. 
Big fat pig
They were all supposed to be animals native to Portugal.  There were lots of pigs and they smelt awful.  mam said it wan't the pigs so much as the food that they were feeding them that smelt.  She had to go for a lie down.  But there were goats and I liked them and they liked me.
And scarecrows
 And lots of birds.  My favourite was the little owl but he was so little that Mamma couldn't get a good picture so here is the eagle owl instead.
There were also lots of wells and presses and old farm machinery and this great windmill on wheels.
Daddy with windmill legs.
I wore my amazed face for much of the day.
My amazed face
I became very interested in a stone in the road.
A stone
But I kept my eye out for bears.  Mama had cooked a chicken curry and I was worried about it going missing.
Bears in the woods
And then I saw them and I didn't like them as they were really really enormous.
Do bears do things in the woods?
I prefered this.
Nice bear
And this..
Gentle bear
 We spent the night in yet another carpark in Miranda do Corvo.  Mama woke up in the morning and said that she had just found out that there was an aire with free electric and water and toilets just round the corner but it was bit late then.  We headed on to the 7th wonder of Portugal.  (Mama isn't too sure what the other 6 are).  The caves at Mira de Aire were great.
Great Rocks
The only problem was the dripping on my head.  I tried to put an umbrella up but Mama said it wasn't form.
Dripping rocks

 They said that the water from here was used to feed Lisbon.  I said wow.
Oh and daddy drove all the way down a motorway without paying the toll and so now we are waiting to be arrested.


  1. Caves? Bears? Stones? My goodness, Joey! What a week! I love those caves, by the way. When I get inside them I have to sing, very, VERY loudly and in harmony with myself - like an opera singer. I like the echo of my voice (no one else does!) I like pigs too and they are NOT smelly when they are in a field. No one is smelly when they are in a field. Lots of love and hugs and hope for sunshine (and hope you didn't go to prison!!!) xxx Tatie & Ton ton

  2. Caves, you see one--and that's one too many! And after seeing Passage To India, I decided they were one more thing I promised myself to avoid. Still, you seem to be having fun with the stones, bears and cathedrals of Portugal. One burning question, though: do you like Portuguese food? I must insist you try the bread called Pão. Your Grandpappy introduced me to it and he knew the best bakery in Albufeira. I can't think of anything else (intelligent) to write so I'll end here.

    Lots of love and hugs.

    Your very own,


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