Thursday, 15 October 2015

From Palencia to Portugal

Come on daddy.  Lets go on Motorbike
We parked right in the centre of Palencia and I liked it.  I chased Daddy around town.
Shadowing Daddy
We stopped for tapas in the centre and Mama ordered a load of things.  When Daddy asked her what they were she said how was she supposed to know.  They were all really tasty except for one which tasted so terrible that even Mama left it.  She said she suspected it was a part of a pig that she didn't want to eat.
Disguised pig parts.  Eat nuts.
 Palencia was a fine city.
City Centre
We had a lovely walk along the river in the morning.  
I spent some time on the playground next to the van and we saw a heron and Mama went for a coffee in the morning.
 Nobody else wanted anything.  Daddy felt a bit funny after the pig parts.  We drove on to Puebla Sanabria.  It was so high up and the weather changed. 
All wrapped up
It was such a shame because it was very very beautiful.  Daddy said it reminded him of Haworth.  
Puebla Haworth
There were some great restaurants there.  It was so cold and miserable that we stopped for a big cup of very thick chocolate and a huge plate of biscuits.  We soon warmed up.
Warming up.
The next day we arrived in Portugal.  What a difference.  We went round a roundabout and we were there.  The roads were a lot smaller and it started to sunshine.  We saw palm trees.  We stopped in Chaves in a car park in the town centre.  Mama liked it so much we decided to stay the night.

They had a castle and views and everything


Look at those mountains

They also had hot springs so we went and sat with the old people and had a glass of hot water which smelt of eggs.  I closed my eyes and pretended to be ill.
Hot springs
 We slept in another car park and in the morning we went off exploring.

 The thermal waters were draining into the river and it was like smoke.
Smoke on water
 Mama went crazy taking lots of pictures.  She said Uncle Lollo would have loved it.

 I found a big heart so I stood next to it so that Mama could take a photo for Nana.
I put on my best smile
 Mama went on taking pictures,
Another bridge

Old crossing
 We went for a great big slap up lunch with rice and potatoes and then drove onto Peneda Geres.  It took us 3 hours to drive 103 km.  We all felt sick by the time we got there.
Rio Caldo
But it was beautiful.  Very very beautiful.  We passed deep deep canyons and mountains and rivers and forests and no one else.  We tried to get to 2 campsites but the roads were too small for Nona.  Just when Mama was about to throw herself into a gorge we found Cerdeira at Campo de Geres.
Spring is Sprung
 We have our own little wood and there are crocus on the ground.  It is freezing cold at night and in the morning but hot hot hot in the day.
We are surrounded by magnificent mountains and tiny villages with old grain stores.
Grain store
Mama says it reminds her of Tana Toraja in Sumatra.  I had some more rice and potatoes.

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