Saturday, 24 October 2015

Gorgeous Guimares. Funny Furadouro. Amazing Aveiro.

Bloody travelling
This had to be the worst day of my life. We left the beautiful mountains to go to Braga. It rained so heavily that I couldn't get out of the van.  I was tired and fed up.  Mama was grumpy.  Daddy was grumpy.  Daddy couldn't find a parking space in Braga so we kept driving.  It kept raining.  We finally arrived in Guimares and we couldn't find anywhere to park there either.  Eventually we found a parking but the slope to get up it was so steep that Daddy scraped Nona's bottom.  I wanted to go back to Nana's.  They eventually persuaded me to get out of the van.  I hated it.  But then we found a castle......

The castle
and we climbed to the top
and the sun came out.

Guimares was a wonderful town.  It was the centre of Portugal and we went to look at the King's palace.
King's Palace
En velo
and I rode round the whole town on my bicycle.
and daddy started smiling. Almost.
We left there and headed for the sea.  To Furadouro.  It was hot and beautiful.  But the Atlantic was quite scary.  Mama went for a bit of a paddle but not me.

Big Sea
Furadouro was a funny town.  I don't think the people there had much money.  The shops didn't have anything in.  They had a couple of wrinkly green peppers.  There were ladies dressed in black with long woolly socks selling fish.

View from the van
In the morning there was a fish auction of about 10 people.  Mama went and joined in as she likes an auction.  Daddy was scared she was going to come back with 20 kg of sardines but she didn't.
We watched the tractor collect the fish from the nets and the beach was full of seagulls.
We cycled to the nearest town which was Ovar.  That was a funny place too.  It is famous for its 'glazered tiles' as everyone kept telling us.  I found some great graffiti which I preferred.
Where's his slipper gone?

Great graffiti
Mama made us go and eat sardines.  We ate them in someones front room.  It was full of maroon nylon.  Mama liked the vinho verde I noticed.
I liked the olives.
Olives. Bring me olives.
But the best thing was that we all went out cycling together.  All three of us.
The best bit
Then we went to Aveiro.  That was great.  It was full of boats and canals and more 'glazered tiles'.
Mama and daddy kept mumbling Venice of Portugal under her breath. 
Venice of Portugal

Daddy bought a hat from a man who thought I was hilarious..
Where am I?
And I set off around the town.  With a purpose.
Man about town
Praia da Barra
We are now back at the beach near Aveiro at Praia da Barra.
Where is everyone?
It's a bit bleak but beautiful.  We are on a campsite on this bit of land that sticks out between a salt water lake and the sea.
Hop little bunny
Nanny thinks we are going to get washed into the sea with a high tide.  Hop little bunny.

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  1. This is really a fascinating place, Joey! Wonderful photos your mama takes, so clever and unusual. This is going to be lovely for you later when you can "go back there" again through your mama's pics. I especially like the hopping bunny, the hat and, of course, the missing slipper graffiti! Aren't people wonderful (sometimes!) Keep your blogs coming - it is the highlight of the day it appears! Thank you! Now give a big, NO, REALLY big kiss to mama and daddy from your Tatie and Ton ton and get someone to give you a bigger smackeroo! xxxxxx


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