Friday, 9 October 2015

Super San Sebastian and Bonkers Bilbao

The bay of San Sebastian
 Mama had always wanted to go toSan Sebastian ever since she worked with a waitress from there called Arginy.  She and Mama were friends and Arginy used to talk to Mama about her 'billage'.  She loved her 'billage' and every now and again her family used to send her an emergency food parcel from her billage stuffed with tuna in olive oil and chorizo and Mama used to go round and help her eat it.
The old town
It is a very beautiful city.  The sea is very clean and the sand yellow.  And they have ice cream and pinchos.
A church
And churches and statues.
A statue at a church.
 We stayed in an aire up by the university but it was quite a walk into the old town.  I did it though.  My pram seems to have disappeared.  I think we should have gone on bicycles.
The Spanish Cafe
 We were very happy to get back to the Spanish cafe and cortados and churros.  I wish we had stayed longer but we set off the next day along the coast road to Bilbao.  It was very beautiful.  We stopped the night in a carpark over looking the sea in a place called Deba. 
View for the night

It hurled it down but in the morning there were big waves and lots of surfers out in the bay.  We left for Bilbao and daddy was worried he might not find the aire because it is a tangle of roads like spaghetti but in the end he took us straight there.  We stopped in an aire right above the city and we had a fantastic view.
Mama wanted to see the Guggenheim and we could see it from the aire.
Our view
 We took the bus into the city and I loved the Guggenheim.  Inside and out.
Guggy wuggy
 They had a display that looked like I was under water
But best of all they had these telephones that you couyld type a number into and it talked to you about the painting.  I ran around with my finger up my nose and daddy said I looked like a trader.
Trader Joe
 There was a big exhibition upstairs which I liked but it was policed by some grumpy women in black.  I tripped over a barrier and they came and told Mama off even though it was an accident.  I saw Mama stick her tongue out.
My favourite picture of a crocodile
 And then I dropped the telephone.  It made a big bang and the batteries fell out and rolled across the wooden floor.  All the women in black started tutting and shaking their heads.  Mama gave them a big smile but I got upset.
The problem exhibition
 Mama took the broken telephone and gave it to daddy to mend.  Everyone was looking at us.  Daddy ten dropped it and all the batteries rolled all over the floor again.  Mama started laughing so we had to leave.
The spider
 Outside was a great big spider which Daddy said he had seen in London.  It was great.
Dry ice
And then they let lots of steam off.
Spider eggs

And there was a giant dog made of flowers which I started to play in and then Mama realised that it was 'art' and removed me before the police came.

Dog art
We had a splendid view at night from our front window.
View from inside Nona at night
And we are off now to Portugal.  Don't think we'll get there today though.


  1. What a fabulous BLOG! I laughed out loud at your antics, little Joey and you described the business with the telephone so well, it wasn't just the batteries that were rolling on the floor! Wonderful photos too - it's just like being with you all. Keep your blogs coming - they are such a ray of sunshine. HUGE kisses to you, mama and daddy from Ton ton David and your French Tatie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Like your Tatie Suzy, I too thought your antics hilarious. I'm not too keen on museums, except when I really want to see something I'm especially interested in. Hope you like Portugal as much as you do Spain. Bye for now, Little One and vaya con dios. Love guj


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