Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ode to Nana

"Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete."

 Mary Mapes Dodge
Mummy wanted to come and stay with Nana so she can set up this blog for me.  She says it will be something for me to look at when I get older.  Mummy spent all day in Nana's hut on the computer and it rained really hard.  It always rains when we come to Dorset.  Daddy says he is in a heat wave in London and we are wearing socks and jumpers here.  In fact Mummy put shoes on me today.  I hate those shoes.  I spent most of the afternoon trying to scuff them off. Nana's hut has a Perspex roof and Mummy emerged this evening shell shocked from the noise.
Researching my blog in Nana's hut

I spent the day playing with Nana.  Nana always plays great games.  She sat me on the worktop so I could watch her bake.  She pressed my foot into a piece of pastry and baked my footprint.  In fact she was so busy playing with me that she forgot to put any sugar in the rhubarb pie.  Mummy pulled a big face when she tried it.
I do hope Nana and Granddad come to visit us often when we are travelling.  Mummy said that until she had me, she thought she was too old to have any more need for her Mummy.  Nana came to the rescue when I was born and Mummy couldn't feed me.  Mummy said she couldn't stop crying for a week.  She even cried when  Barry Cryer sang 'I can't live (If living is without you)' on 'I'm Sorry I haven't a clue'.  Mummy used to think this was the funniest program in the world.  And then she cried because she cried.  She just needed to look at me to start crying.  I don't think she knew what her feelings were doing.  I'm so glad she has stopped that now.  Most of the time anyway.  It's so embarrassing.  Sometimes she looks at me in a weird way when she thinks I'm sleeping.
Anyway, Mummy says that Nana saved our lives.  Now I see her every month and I miss her when she is not there.  She is not grumpy like Mummy can be and she doesn't make me eat fruit but lets me eat biscuits when Mummy isn't watching.  And she lets me pull her hair and wee on the carpet.  She calls it fairy water.   She isn't obsessed about me having a poo.  And she pushes me for hours on the swings and makes up silly games and talks to me all the time.  She tells me all her secrets and doesn't whisper them like Mummy and Daddy do when I've gone to bed.
Mummy says that Nana lets me do all the things that she wasn't allowed to when she was little.  She says that Nana's 'changed'.  Nana just laughs.  She tells me that I'm a good boy and calls me a little cherub and doesn't mind when I rub tangerine into her nice clean blouse.

Nana and Me watching the birds


  1. Looking forward to hear about your journey, especially the bits that drive mum and dad crazy!

    1. Thank you. They'll be plenty of bits where they drive me mad! xx

  2. Whey hey! You do "tangerine rubbing" too??? Wow! Kid, you and I are going to get on like a house on fire - tell your mummy that she takes great photos but don't boast to her about how wonderful the subject matter is. She KNOWS! xxxx Bisous from Sunland


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