Sunday, 25 August 2013

Brave New World

Hello There

Don't fence me in
Well here I am back in London and it is all terribly strange and terribly exciting.  I run from room to room to check if everything is still there.  Things do look a lot smaller.  I have been to worship at the Head of the Lion every morning and I miss Nana.  I just can't go to sleep as the world is just too exciting.  There is so much to see and do and so little time to do it.  Mummy thinks I am asleep and I sit bolt upright and smile.  Mummy says I need to calm down.  I also have another tooth poking through (that makes 5) and it is giving me toothache and making me chew Daddy's shoulder which he doesn't like very much.
So much has changed since we've been away.   I've developed a new trend in crawling.  It involves feet and hands (no knees) and my bum in the air.  I can move sideways at quite a rate of knots.  I noticed that Nana was copying me when I was with her and Mummy has taken it up too.  I can also run at high speed but I need to be hold of someone's hand.  This walking business - I haven't quite mastered but 'You should never walk alone'.  Oh and they have fenced me in!  I now have a gate across the top of the stairs which I have already tried to climb over and they have fenced off the fire place.  Mummy says the knobs on the cooker are out of bounds and Daddy won't let me play in the bin since he caught me trying to drink out of an empty beer bottle.  I think that those two may turn out to be not-too-much-fun after all.

All Washed Out
Also Mummy has lost the plot.  She put a liquid soap tablet into the soap drawer of the washing machine this morning and when she switched it on - water poured out all over the floor.  And she tried to blame me as I am always messing around with the washing machine door.  Nana says that I'm going to get my fingers trapped but I just don't care.

Anyway, they did find me this fantastic music video so I can at least have a dance.


  1. Never mind Joe, mum and dad are still trainees. Just wait till you learn to climb all by yourself and find all the interesting things they thought they had hidden from you! Have fun exploring, there will be tears along the way but you will no doubt get a few battle scars, and some have some adventures that mum and dad will use to embarrass you when you get older. Have a lovely bank holiday, if you ask nicely they might even put you in a back pack and take you to Nottinghill Carnival!

  2. Dearest Aunty M. I do hope they let me out occasionally. I see on Facebook that you and Uncle Mark have been married for 22 years. Woweee!! Well done cousins Aidan and Nathan for putting up with you both for that long ;)
    Big Kiss to you all Joe xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Greetings from Cloggyland!

    Well my little Aldous, the world is so exciting indeed. I remember lying on my Mama’s wooden storage trunk pretending it was my bus (perhaps that’s why I’m such a lousy driver). Then there was this large desk with sides that came all the way down that made a brilliant hiding place among the dust balls.

    By the way, you don’t have to worry: I too went through that downward-dog crawling phase. Fortunately, I stopped walking that way once I quit yoga.

    All my love, Junior.


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