Thursday, 29 August 2013

Am goin' to shake, shake, shake,shake, shake then stop

Mummy took me to a local play group this afternoon and insisted I make a shaker.  I had no interest in making one but Mummy wanted to show off her creativity - so I sat there with her so she didn't feel stupid being the biggest at the table.  Anyhow, she spent hours choosing stickers.  She kept pretending that I was choosing them but I didn't give a damn whether she put a dolphin or a horse on the bottle.  Then she got done off the lady for trying to put the rice in herself instead of waiting in the rice queue for the lady to do it.  Mummy is always trying to find a shortcut.  Why can't she just do what everyone else does? Anyhow I was more interested in the lady.  She had red hair and bright red smudged paint round her mouth which was on her teeth.  She kept asking me why I was staring at her but I didn't like to say.  Mummy kept nudging me to stop.  She knew why. 
After about half an hour of waiting Mummy finished her shaker.  It was crap.  Mummy wouldn't put it down.  She wanted me to join in the shake dance with the Red Lady but I thought it was stupid so she had to do it by herself.  I don't think Mummy minds making a fool of herself.  I pretended I was related to some Indian Nana who was very nice and had some watermelon and sat still and wasn't dancing with a Coca Cola bottle filled with rice.
Well I finished all the watermelon and wandered off to the sand pit which I particularly like and Mummy came to find me.  She sat down with me and began to sieve sand nicely when she let go of her shaker.  In a blink, a small person appeared and grabbed hold of it.  I have to say Mummy has got some spring loaded reactions.  She snatched it back sharpish.  But the boy was quicker.  He grabbed it back and Mummy and he were having a bit of a tug of war.  Mummy won but not before the boy pulled a leg off her horse sticker and made off with it (the leg - not the shaker disappointingly).  Mummy was fuming.  I don't know why she just didn't give it to him.  She couldn't say anything thank goodness because the other Mummies were watching.
She still has the hump about her shaker and the horse with three legs. 

I wouldn't be seen dead holding it

Mummy it's a Coca Cola bottle filled with rice with a bit of insulation tape round the cap.  We can make you another if you like.

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  1. Poor mummy! You go and make her a new shaker now and don't forget to kick the little boy who pulled the horse's leg off AND kick his mummy too while you're at it! All my love from auntie SuzyQ


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