Monday, 19 August 2013

Cummings and Goings

There's been a lot of Cummings and Goings recently and I'm not sure I like it.  First we left Daddy in London and came to Nana's and my cousin Sienna was here.  Then she left and went home.  Then my Daddy came.  Then Nana and Granddad left and went to London.  Then Mummy says that we will be going back to London on Friday.  Then Mummy said I shouldn't keep starting the sentence with 'then'. 
I don't mind moving about places.  I just miss my family.  Sometimes when I am sitting playing happily I get a really sad thought.  It's a good job I have Fiona.  I have to admit though, that since Daddy has been here I love Fiona a little bit less.

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  1. You'll get used to these comings and goings, me ol' mate; after all, you have been born into a very large, mobile and active family. But as you grow older, you'll also see the upside to all of this (hopefully).

    All my love, Junior.


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