Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fun in Fuengirola

En Famille
 They are here!  And we went to the zoo.
What's that on my bumbum?
Mama says I'm taking advantage but my Grandma plays with me all the time and I like her games.  We dig together for gold on the carpet and I get her to burp on command.

Cheeky Monkey
 Fuengirola BioPark was great.  Mama said it looked like Bali.  I saw lots of animals.  Mama said she could have climbed in with them. 
This elephant didn't move

 I saw lots of monkeys and snakes and dragons and an EEEEnormous tortoise.

Big one
 Mama kept annoying the meercats.  She squeaks at them and makes them all stand up on their back legs.  Poor things.
Hiding from Mama
 There were also lots of pink flamingoes who smelled bad. 
 I like taking pictures.  Mama says when I grow up I can be a photographer like Uncle Lollo.  He is coming next week and I can't wait.
I took this photograph

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