Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Magical Malaga

Here he is
 I was so sad to see Grandma and Granddad Geoffers go.  But then Lollo arrived with a whole suitcase full of presents for me.  He put his shorts on and I saw that he had whiskers on his knees.  We went to Malaga for the day and I ate a big plate of fried baby squid called chopitos.
Getting my chops round chopitos
 They had lots of lovely statues there and a castle.  Mama said they were called Henry Moore.  I didn't think they looked like him at all.
What is that Uncle Lollo?
 Mama didn't make us climb up to the castle again after Granddad Geoffers complained last time.  Thank goodness for that.
The Castle
 We got to go round the port instead. And that was brilliant because they had this big bouncy thing which I got to bounce on.
The Port
 I climbed up this really high ladder and Mama got scared and tried to come after me but the man told her off. Ha ha.  Mama is always being told off by someone.
Bouncy Submarine
 When we came down I got to sit in a tyre.
A Spare tyre which isn't Mamas
 And to play in a fountain.
Malaga town hall
 And jump off a Roman theatre.
Practising Jumping
 But best of all I got to eat my own ice-cream.

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  1. Oh, JOEY! What a fabulous time you've been having! I am SO jealous of your bouncy castle that I think I ought to order one for our party so that we can watch you bounce when you come here! We've got lots of games to play and we're getting very excited about seeing you again and, also, Uncle Joe - it has been about 12 years since we last saw him so I think we will all have a wonderful time. Lots and lots of love from your French Tatie and Tonton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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