Saturday, 11 April 2015

Marvellous Mijas

El Burro
We got on a bus from Furngirola to Mijas.  I like buses and so does Granddad.  It didn't take long and we got to Mijas.  There were lots of donkeys there.  They all looked very sad.  Except this one.  We had to push a load of Spanish Grannies out of the way to get on.  They were all fighting to ride it and shouting Arre Arre El Burro.

Looking at the view
 It was quite chilly windy so Mama didn't get much of a view of the coast.  It was a very nice town,  With lots of steps which I can jump off.  I specialise in jumping now.  It is my thing.  Mama says I am half man half frog.  Like Mowgli.  Daddy says Mama wanted to name me Mowgli.  Thank goodness Daddy had some sense.
Jumping Steps
 We went for a 7 Euro Menu del Dia which Mama managed to get up to 15 Euros each by the time she had finished ordering coffees with brandies.  She does get carried away.  I had lots of nice fish and a big plate of chips
The nearly last supper
 Mama kept going onb about the colours.  There were lots of pots of gereniums in reds and blues.
The colours
 And lots of tiled fountains and a playground.
The square
 And a really big tower.
The Tower
And a fountain which I could press with my foot and make water come out and which I couldn't leave alone.
My favourite bit
I had a really lovely day.  We got to ride back down on the bus and Granddad did the biggest sneeze I have ever heard which made Mama laugh so much that the whole bus laughed all the way down the hill.

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  1. I just LOVE reading about your adventures, Joey. It's so lovely to see the world through such young eyes and from someone who can write so well for his age (or any age!) Big Spring-time kisses from Tatie Suzy and Ton Ton David


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