Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Going Up North

Gloucester Services

So they finally dragged me away from Nana to set off on this wild goose chase.It was such a beautiful day at Durderlee door that it was a shame to leave.  We headed off up the M5 and came across this amazing service station near J11 called Gloucester Farm.  It really took the biscuit.  None of the Old MacDonalds or the Little Thiefs.  Just lovely home made cakes and a beautiful building.  They even had a pond with a water fall.  mama liked it so much, she wrote to them to ask if we could stay overnight and they say yes - for £20.

Looking at a barge on the river 7
Anyway, it took an absolute age to get there so Mama came up with the bright idea to look for pubs with campsites.  She found a great site where you could search by map and picked the closest one which was in Tewsbury.  The Hawbridge Inn.  It was fabulous.  Playground for me,.  Hot shower for Mama and a good pint for Daddy.  £9.00 a night.
Arty Farty
 We went for a lovely walk along the River Severn.  Daddy went on about the longest river in Britain and watersheds and Mama banged on about some bloke called Laurie Lee and took thousands of arty photographs.  I have only let her put a few on here as she gets so carried away.
Picky Wicky
 I had yet another dinner of chips and juice and went a bit mad on the sofa.  Mama decided that it was a good idea to try the van without electric hook up and that's when it all went dark.   We spent the rest of the evening in torch light.  Very exciting.  Daddy says we need a new leisure battery.
Kicky Knicky

Mama then insisted on us all  getting up at 4 in the morning to get ooop North.  That was fine with me as I had been awake since 2.30.  On the way she kept reading out the motorway signs which said 'Tiredness kills'.  I don't know why she kept staring at me.
Scary lady.

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