Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Change of plan - back to Dorset

After our 2 goodbyes to Nana - we head back for a third.  The leisure battery isn't working properly and the original plan to head to Chorley Wood  for a few nights before leaving the country has been changed again.  What are the No- funs upto?  Pouring with rain.  Mama muttering under her breath.  Find another pub campsite in Hixon, Staffs.  http://thehixongreenman.co.uk/  I've had enough of being trapped by the time we arrive.  Traffic terrible.  £15.00 a night but no showers or toilets.  Can't remember when Mama had a shower last.  I don't care as long as she doesn't make me have one.

Off t'pub

Daddy takes me off for a drink and the pub goes a bit quiet when we go in.  I try and cheer them up but they're having none of it.  Daddy says it's the best pint he's had in ages.  There's a really beautiful sunset but it's cold.  Really cold.
Winter is upon us

Mama gets on her got to get up early in the morning.  They set off in the pitch black.  Mama thinks it's funny to take photos of me asleep.  She sleeps with her mouth open too you know.
Pff.  Another crack of dawn

Anyway, we had a quick trip up to London in the car for some business of Mama and I got to see my friend again and then I got to see Nana and Daddy bought a new battery.
Kaviya x
Now they tell me they are taking me on a big boat at the end of the week. Going to France! Mama has taught me to say 'Bonjour and Merci' so I am quite excited.
Will have to say bye bye to Nana again.  Leaving Wednesday for the longest trip in the world along the South coast.

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