Monday, 20 October 2014

The Channel Crossing

Port of Dover
The Ally Ally Oh
 Mama and Daddy took 2 days to get to Dover.  We stopped at a great site at Pevensey Bay where Mama was happy because she could hear the sea at night and then onto another site very close to Dover called Little Satmar.  Mama rang for a Chinese delivery and we were very excited to have it delivered to our camper van.  It was good too.  Anyway, Mama got in a bit of a flap because of not having a working phone so she said that we couldn't leave and had to wait a day until her number transfered but then it worked in the morning so we could leave!  I was terribly happy.  I sang the Big Ship sailed on the Ally Ally Oh but Mama wouldn't let me sing the verse when it sinks to the bottom of the sea.  We had lunch and then I fell asleep whilst Mama oohed about about being on the sea.  Suddenly they were waking me up and Bonjouring all over the place.  I soon got into the swing of it.
Bonjour La France

They parked up in a car park called an Aire by the beach.
The beach was wonderful.  Full of sand.  Sand was everywhere.  Mama was happy because we didn't have to pay but they soon ran out of charge for their mobiles and Mummy frets if there isn't any internet.  She just can't leave her gadgets alone.  I have tried to introduce her to the joy of crayonning.

M et Mr Mitterand
 I got to see lots of statues.  The French like a statue.  I had my photo taken with Mr and Mrs Mitterand in the centre of Calais and also with one by Rodin.  Mama used to say I was a bit of a thinker when I was born so I suppose that's why I liked it.

View from my bedroom window
 Mama was so happy to be back in France.  She explained all the signs to me and and translated all the menus we passed even if we weren't hungry.  Daddy kept pointing out the dog caca.  He's at it now as well as Mama and Nana.  They are like the caca police - my family.

Bonjour la baguette

Oh and I discovered la baguette.  The lady in the local bakery called me petit monsieur and I would go and get the bread every morning and eat most of it before I got back to the van.

Just as I was settling in - they move to Belgium...............


  1. Welcome to France little Joey! Bonjour petit Joe! Ooo, la laaaaaaaaa! Tu arrive ici et puis... whoosh..... déja partis pour la Belgique? Ca c'est pas bon but I expect you are on your way to Holland. I don't think that Monsieur and Madame de Gaulle would have been very happy thinking they were mistaken for Monsieur et Madame Mitterand! I see you have spoken to the The Burghers of Calais (very nice with ketchup!!!) Take care and stay on the right side of the road and kiss mummy and daddy very very hard for us. Bon voyage wherever you are going. xxx Tati Suzy et Ton ton David (aka The Brownies.)

  2. That Mama of mine just makes it up Tatie. Daddy says she's crap at geography too. Can't wait to see you xxxx


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