Monday, 29 September 2014

The European Tour

My Bicycle Trip

 They have migrated from long walks to bicycle trips.  Daddy says we went 45mph down one hill.  I kept telling him to hurry up going up the other side.  He wasn't half slow.  Not as slow as Mama though.  She has been walking funny since the bike ride.  Anyway, I had a nice lie down when we got there.
They now tell me they have a plan.  They are leaving Dorset on Thursday and going oop North for a few days.  Then back down to stay just outside London for a week.  Down to Kent and then over to Calais for around 16th October.  Spend some time in that area and then up to Amsterdam for the 25th October to meet up with Aunty Jackie and my Great Uncle Joe. 

Saying Bye bye to my lovely Nanny
 After that they are heading South to get warm.  They have an appointment in the South of France in May and one in Benidorn in June.  Hope the sea warms up.  Hope they sit still for a bit.  I just want to play in the sand and sing.  It's hard work all this campervanning.  I'm exhausted.
My European Tour look


  1. Great stuff and a wonderful plan. Make sure they get somewhere warm before it gets too cold. You look really cool in your European outfit - you'll look just the part in St. Trop! Big xxx to you darling one and to mama and papa. xxx Tatie Suzy

  2. Lovely Junior, the best laid schemes of mice and Mum. Can't wait!



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