Monday, 22 September 2014

Durdle Door

View from our campsite
This is the Durderlee Door
Thank goodness it started sunshining.  Here I am hitching a lift on Daddy's shoulders.  The campsite is just fabulous and Mama and Daddy seem to spend hours reading that Hymer manual and fiddling with the van.  We got hot water last night but it went again tonight and out came the manual again.
Mama keeps swimming in the sea.  I won't go near it.  Too cold for me.  In fact I wouldn't wash until last night when the warm water came on.  Daddy tried to wave a face cloth at my bottom tonight but I was having none of it. 
I might have my shirt off but I'm not going in

The first few days we lived off tinned soup, sandwiches and fish and chips.  I'm starting to wonder if I am being neglected.  All this processed food and not washing.  I keep asking to go back to Nana's front room.  They also make me walk miles.  I walked all the way up a cliff from Durderlee door to Lulworth cove yesterday.  I haven't seen the pram in weeks.  I bet they don't bloody bring it.  And where are all my toys?

Another long walk.

I do get to see Daddy and Mama all day every day though.  But I have learnt to say 'Go away.  You are annoying me'.
The sea.  The sea.


  1. So beautiful! Sounds like you're taking some time, Joey, to get acclimatised.
    (The camping site, by the way, is just next to the balustrade where my darling hubby-to-be's wife's ashes were scattered - so say hi to her for me!) Love these photos of you - your mama takes lovely pics and you write SO well. Kiss your super parents for me. xxx Tati Suzy

  2. Get used to living in cramped quarters, Jr, and seeing a lot of Mum & Dad (just think of Anne Frank's plight when things get really rough). On the brighter side, you will be seeing and experiencing things most kids your age miss out on.

    Lots of love,

  3. Your mum makes me think of my mum. Thank goodness for those very special mums (and dad, in your case) that these amazing, whacky women are so out of the ordinary that you are assured of a good springboard from which to leap happily into your life and take it all in your stride. Yes, Joey, you're a very lucky boy! xxx Tati Suzy

  4. Mama says that being compared to P is the best compliment anyone could have given her. Thank you Tatie xxx


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