Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Life on the Open Road

So Mama and Papa decided to go to the Motor home Show at Shepton Mallet at the weekend.  It was our first trip in Nono (Mama says she’s called Nona).  We were all very excited.  Mama kept saying she couldn’t wait for it to get dark and to get cosy in bed. 
I loved my new seat.  I was so high up I could see cows and sheep and say ‘poo cows and poo sheep and poo pigs’.  I could also see tractors.  And police cars.
Mama sat my lucky cat up front so he could see too.  Daddy said he loved the open road.

The show called itself a 'rally'.  Mama said she'd never been to a rally.  Daddy has been to loads.  He is Mr. Bike Rally.  Mama thought there might be naked dancing round camp fires but fortunately everyone kept their clothes on.  Mama was the youngest person there (excluding me).  It was nice to see all these Nana's and Ganggangs out and about instead of stuck in care homes like my Grandpappy.  Their motto was 'Adventure before Dementia'. 
Anyway, I had a ball running in and out of all the vans for sale.  (Daddy says if it has a bathroom it's a motor home!).  In fact I spent 2 hours at it with Mama chasing after me and the salesman chasing after Mama.

 They had the strangest of things for sale for people with camper vans.  I could understand awnings and dog baskets and spare tyre covers but there was a habadashery stall and a stall selling kites and really long poles to attach them to your van.  There was also a man selling ladders and lots of sparkly lights but the best of all were these ginormous hedgehogs.

 Here we are parked up for the night.  Mama insisted on eating outside even though I was freezing.  Everyone else had tables and chairs and sparkly lights and a huge pole with a kite flying from it and we had a rug and a couple of yoga blocks.

 The highlight of my trip was a girl getting stuck up a tree and Mama having to help her down.  I love someone getting stuck and a rescue mission.  Here's daddy pretending to be stuck.
Off to Durdle Door on Friday and then who knows where.  The No funs really don't know where they are going.  They tell me there is a trip OOp North and then over to Holland but who knows.  I hope Mama isn't map reading.


  1. Looks like you are have a good time, I never went to a bike rally either, but I have always wanted to go to Stonehenge when the druids and the witchey's celebrate Samhain (sow-en) the celtic new year, but its always too cold!

  2. A great start Junior, and many hours of fun ahead. Curious: were they selling breakfast sausages at the rally? As I said , just curious. Looking forward to seeing you, Mum & Dad in Cloggyland.

    Lots of love,


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