Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Puy de dome, Bourboule, Mauriac, Figeac, Cahors, Bastide d'Armignac, Blahblahblah

La Lauze
 So the No Funs decided to hoik me up a mountain.  They drove me back the way we came on a road which made the brakes smell.  They did buy me cake though.  It was a lava biscuit and was very very tasty.  We parked at the bottom of the volcano and it is was bright and sunny and prepared for our accent the next morning.

Big hill
 And the next morning it rained.  The clouds were so bad we couldn't even see our noses.  But they hoiked me up there anyway.
Puy de dome in the rain.
 Everyone told us not to bother but we had to go anyway.
I hated it
There was one other person up there and he took this picture.  Volcanoes pff I say.  Mama tried to make them sound exciting and drew pictures of them spouting fire and molten lava and coloured them in with crayons but pff I say.  Volcanoes pff.
We passed through a few spa towns on route and mama was desperate for a thermal spa but they were all a bit snotty about camper vans.  Shame as France has been so accommodating with its aires.  Mont dore was particularly difficult.  Mama's French suddenly became fluent and noisy as she got fed up of people complaining about us stopping in a car park to buy some bread. 
Anyway we soon got to gorgeous Mauriac and found a tiny aire in a wood next to a lake where the sun came out and the people started to smile at me.  Do you know I have spent several weeks saying 'Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour' and people ignoring me!!!
Bonjour Mauriac
 We had a lovely time by the lake.  Lots of mushrooms and berries and walnuts andbig fish jumping and fat men jogging.
Le Lac.
 We got up early in the morning when there was a big mist everywhere like smoke on  the water........  I told Mama that the grass was full of glimpses.  She said it was called dew.  Mama and daddy said they were going for a jog around the lake and I asked if I could come.  They said yes if I could keep up.  I said I would go on my bicycle then.  We set off I decided I didn't want to cycle but I preferred to run so Daddy buried my bike under a bush.

 I worried all the time we were out jogging but Mama said it would be OK.  We got back in time to see a lorry about to drive off.  Daddy ran up and before he could say anything, the driver produced my bicycle from his cab.  I gave them a big Merci for looking after it for me.
Figeac ma belle
 When we arrived in Figeac, all clouds lifted and everyone looked pleased to see us.  I got a few Bonjour Bonjours and Mama started skipping.
Here too hot for hats
 I wished we had stayed longer in Figeac but unfortunately they were digging up the centre and it was difficult to park.
Cahors was amazing.  Most of France had been closed when we were driving through and that was because everyone was in Cahors. 
My most favourite place was Bastide d'Armagnac.  Tiny and beautiful and not quite so closed.  We went for a bike ride and came back after 10 minutes because the hills were too big.

Bon apetit
 Instead we had a fabulous lunch of foie gras and armagnac.  I loved it.  There seemed to be so much going on for a population of  692.  There was a harpsichord and a cello playing in the church, an opera in the evening and an art exhibition.
I liked the guy with a big chin
 It looked like something out of a film.  Mama thought about buying a house here.
Quick run
 Until she started being buzzed by the local NQR (not quite right) on a motorbike.........

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  1. What a great time you've had. Hey, Joey, have you noticed how people who live inland are different from those around the sea shore? The nearer the sea the more open they are. Funny, that. You get lots and LOTS of bonjour, bonjours here - all the time! Hope you have a great trip and look forward to your next blog. Huge kisses from the Poilhes People xxxxxx


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