Saturday, 19 September 2015

On the road again Year Two

Just as I settle into life with Nanny and start to say Hi instead of Hola, the No Funs hoik me off again to foreign parts.  Except they are not so foreign this time around.  And I love Nona.  I love her very much and am so happy to be in her.
They take me to Wimeraux because they say they came here before they had me.  I asked if I was dead then and they said maybe.  Anyway, Wimeraux had the biggest beach I have ever seen and when the tide went out it left loads of rock pools full of fish and crabs and squidgey sand and snails and wriggles.

Wait for me
I took my clothes off and went paddling even though it was quite chilly.  I found lots of mussels which we broke open and Mama promised to take me to a restaurant to eat some.
Looking for my muscles
Only when I got to the restaurant, I was so tired from all the fishing that I fell asleep on Mama's knee.  But that didn't stop them.  She put a napkin on my head and ate the lot.
Pulling mussels from a shell
The next day we went for a great big bike ride and then a great big walk.  Mama packed a picnic and it rained.  I climbed a mountain of sand and we saw seals playing in the bay.  In the rain.
Bloody big mole hill
Then we went off to Rouen to see the cathedral and go to the Art Museum there. Daddy found an amazing place to park up on the Rive Gauche overlooking the river and we could just walk into town.
Me and a lady
I liked the art gallery.  Mama took lots of pictures and daddy said I couldn't touch.  Mama said I could touch the sculptures if no one saw me.
Resting a Monet on my head

Something black and white that Mama liked
And then on to Chartres and another cathedral which looked like the last one but with amazing blue windows.
Blue windows
Daddy found another place to park overlooking the river but during the night it started to rain really heavily so Mama made me get up in the middle of the night to go and check the river in case we were washed away.
Finally something I wanted to do
And then on to Fishy which Mama said was called Vichy. We parked by the river there too.  We woke up to a fabulous morning with swings and slides and fishes jumping and kingfishers flitting.  Mama said she loved Vichy for the art deco architecture and the shabby chic whatever that is.  daddy said he couldn't help but think about the war.  We took our water bottles to the most beautiful building in an overgrown park and filled them with sparkling mineral water.

Sources les Celestes

Water water everywhere

Helping Daddy with his water
The water was delicious.  Warm and salty and fizzy and made me burp.  I drank so much that I weeed all the way back to the camper van.


  1. What a terrific trip, little Joey! Aren't you lucky that mama and daddy take you to see all this amazing things. Love the photo of the Monet and you, cheeky things! Not to mention Chartres and Vichy - wow, what a cultural blow-out. Sorry we won't see you this time but, never mind, we'll catch up with you soon. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Portugal - we love your blog!! xxxxxxx Tati & Ton ton

  2. Hoi Little One,

    Your parents are making damn sure you will turn into this well-rounded, open-minded, cultured, adventurous and cosmopolitan lad with a zest for life (like moi). Wow!

    Lots of love,


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