Sunday, 20 September 2015

Big Cheese. Saint Nectaire

 So we are finally here in the Massive Central.  And very nice it is too.  Cold but nice.  Lots of trees and things.  Blackberries and wild raspberries and Mama made us a stew with sorrel for dinner.  We found an old house on a hill which daddy said was a dolmen from 5000BC.  Mama said show me that vine leaf stuffed with rice. 
Another church
 There was a big church on top of a hill which I said I didn't want to go into if I had to be quiet.  Mama said she would leave me outside then so I went in and practised whispering in a loud voice.
Same church.  Another picture
There are lots of trails through the woods and we have seen a dead skink and a dead snake and a live woodpecker and this morning a blue tit was in the van eating the crumbs from the floor. Mama said to invite him more often.  Also, a bird fell from the sky and lay on his back kicking his legs up in the air.  Mama went to pick it up and held it until it died in her hands.  I was very sad.  It had a small mark and blood on the back of its head.  We buried it and then all the way home I pretended to be a little dying bird until Mama got annoyed.
We also saw a hummingbird moth.

Hummingbird Moth
 It had a ginormous tongue.
Monkeying around
We also found this tree climbing palaver in the middle of a wood so we played for several hours on that.
The town
We are on a great campsite Camping Le Viginet but it closes next week so we are going off to explore some mountains.  In the rain.

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  1. How did I miss your lovely blog this time???? Am I going blind or just stupid? This is all such fun - except about the dying bird, of course, very sad, maybe it was the blue tit who came into the camping car who deaded it? We will never know, which is just as well! My mummy always used to whisper in a very LOUD voice in churches - sort of like she used to speak French when she didn't want anyone to understand (except that the silly billy did it in France! But her French was so bad they couldn't understand her anyway, which is also just as well!) So now I am up to date with all your wonderful blogs - keep them coming, they are such a delight! xxxxxxxxxxxx


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