Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Moia and Vilanova y la Geltru

So we left Banyoles and we were going to head to Poblet as Mama likes the name of it. The last town she liked the name of was Peniscola.  We stopped overnight in a town called Moia.  It was miles away from anywhere and we parked on a very suburban front street for the night. 
 The town was very pretty and had a church.
Church in Moia
 And some statues.  We were awoken in the morning by all the school children trundling past and trying to stare in.  I was very very hot in the night and Mama said I was sleep talking.  She was worried about me but I was fine and full of beans in the morning.
Mama making me pose
 Anyhow.  We have had a rumbling coming from the front wheel for a while so Daddy said he didn't want to drive up anymore mountain tracks and we should get it fixed.
 We drove to a town with a campsite where we stopped last winter which had a lot of industry.  Mama didn't like it there but Dady said it was good for facilities.  I love it.
Playing ping pong
They have 4 swimming pools.  Toddler pools and heated pools.  Fountains and slides and bars and restaurants.
Lunch at the bar
They have jumping pillows.
Jumping Pillow
 And sun loungers
Sun Lounging
and play school with toys.
Sniffing glue at play school
 And wifi and youtube.
Wifi Youtube
And long flat roads to cycle on.
Cycling in my pyjama
 And an animatiion team to dance for me.
Animating me
And other children to play with.  Daddy got the wheel bearings fixed, new front tyres and brakes from a very nice garage.  And I had a dance. 
And a lolly.

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  1. You ARE having fun and games but I can't help feeling for daddy and his bearings and all. How worrying but at least you can go to a garage and get it fixed - better safe than sorry. I LOVE the photo of you on the ping pong table - next time you come we must install a bouncing pillow! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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