Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Beautiful Banyoles. Penis

Picture of the lake
 We drive up to this really pretty natural lake in Banyoles.  We find a terrific free camping spot over looking the lake with toilets and water and bins and more importantly shade.
Picture of the lake
 A big storm starts coming in and Mama goes crazy talking about the light and taking pictures of the lake.  She rings uncle Lollo because she says he would take the best pictures here.
 She also rings Nanny and Nanny says oh no a storm.  Be careful.  So Mama says of what?  Of the golf club she is encouraging me to wave about.  Nana doesn't think it is very funny.
Another one
Anyway, Mama has taught the names of all the parts of the body.  The other day I saw a little boy naked at the swimming pool so I pointed to his penis and shouted penis.  Everyone looked really shocked.  So I have taken to shouting it out everytime I see one.  Sometimes I shout it even when I don't just to see what Daddy does.
Guess what?
 Daddy said Mama should have taught me a private word for it.  Mama said don't be so ridiculous.  What's wrong with penis.
C'mon Mama that's enough
 Daddy says we use the word bottom and not anus.  Mama said he was starting to talk out of it.  I think she got mixed up.
I'm fed up now
Anyway, she eventually stopped taking photos and getting grumpy with Dadday and we found a playground.  I just climbed up the slide and it started to rain really heavily so we had to run back to the van and shelter whilst Mama whooped at the lightening.
Haha A playground


Free Camping Spot

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  1. Nothing wrong with a penis ? (Well, depends who is on the end of it, I suppose!) You made me laugh so much. Tell Mama, her photos are BRILLIANT and that people must click on the picture to see them big and in all their glory. Aren't you a lucky boy to have such great parents (and aren't they lucky t have you, you darling boy. Big xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs from Tati Suzy and Ton ton David


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